• K.A.R.E.S.

    Victims of trauma have light in a dark time.

Kitsap Advocacy Resources and Education Services

The mission statement of K.A.R.E.S is to provide, advocacy and support for victims of trauma and their family members. While promoting self-sufficiency and personal wellness, through mentoring,resources and education.

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K.A.R.E.S Core Values

•    Upholding victim’s privacy and confidentiality.
•    Honoring cultural, physical, mental, emotional, and language needs of victim
•    Committing to trauma prevention and education.
•    Remaining professional and innovative.
•    Working openly and collaboratively.
•    Treating everyone with respect.
•    Working to improve the response to trauma at the individual and  systemic levels.
•    To promote Personal investment in individual wellness.
•    Maintain professional and personal boundaries for the benefit of self and clients.

During a time of acute trauma for me and my family, Richelle was my calm in the eye of the storm.  She worked with me teaching me coping skills to get through the next day, and helped me focus on where to go, and where not to go…which, at the time, I needed, as I could hardly think for myself.  She gave me the strength and willpower to move forward by validating my concerns and fears of my abusers.  Her calm nature, and understanding heart knew I was scared, and that I needed advice on how to get through the hard times that were coming.  Richelle always made herself available for me when I requested her time.  She had many resources in the community that helped me to get reestablished and back on my own two feet.  As hard as it was, I knew I was never alone, and that I always had her if I needed.  Dealing with PTSD can be a harrowing experience, and   Richelle is still to this day the light in the darkness.  I always know that I’ve got a solid mentor on how to be a strong, independent, caring woman, despite the trauma and it’s challenges.  Because of her I know strength.
Thank you, Chellie!  You’re the best!
Respectfully Yours,
Angela G. Wolfe